PCR Covid Testing

Home PCR Testing

This animation was produced for NPH Group, who are a leading provider of health solutions for companies and individuals. It explains the process required for self-administering a Covid-19 PCR test.

The brief

NPH Group approached us after seeing our work for another pharmaceutical client. Having produced a large amount of Covid-related films and animations during the pandemic, we knew that timelines would be short and needed to prepare as much as possible in advance to avoid delays in signing the final film off.

We started with getting an approved script from the client, which we edited into a format suitable for visuals. We then built storyboards for each scene using the design elements that would be seen in the final edit, so that the animation stage would be as quick as possible. The test kits were modelled from the real-life examples so the audience would immediately relate to what they were seeing. Production took just over two weeks.