Podcast Day 24

Podcast Day 24

Podcast Day 24 was the ‘planet’s podcasting conference’, held as a virtual event on June 7th, 2021. It was created because of the pandemic’s impact on the in-person Podcast Day conferences of previous years and was a co-production between Folder Media and Radiodays Europe. It was a 24-hour live virtual event, spanning three continents and bringing together podcast professionals from all over the world.

The brief

The team behind Podcast Day knew that the event needed to evolve into a virtual environment and came to us with the brief of creating a conference experience that was more than just Zoom sessions with PowerPoints. It needed to be engaging, active and look high-quality. The evolution was to create a truly worldwide live event, starting in Australia, moving to Europe, and finishing in the United States. All livestreamed over a 24-hour period on a secure, invite-only virtual event platform.

A note from the client

“The delivery was very strong – the best virtual event both the organisations had held – the new format worked, and whilst some areas will hopefully return to in-person conferences, the online element will remain as that reached many additional people that would never have come in person. The 24-hour event generated interest that the regular conference wouldn’t. It combined the best of both worlds and provided something valuable for each territory, along with the bonus of being able to catchup with content from other regions.”

Matt Deegan