our story

It all started back in 2012 when Executive Producer, Des Paul, decided to put his collective knowledge from a successful career in radio and television into one place, with the idea of producing high-quality branded and corporate content.

Since then the business has grown from a little office at the studios of ‘The Bill’ into a diverse team of production talent who make it all happen.

Our work takes us all over the world, and along the way we’ve  created some unforgettable moments and been lucky enough to collect a few awards. 

our mission

Our mission is simple – to create content that works.

The thing that makes us stand out from the crowd, is that we have unrivalled experience of reaching literally millions of people from our work in radio and television.

Having been on both sides of the microphone and camera gives us a unique set of skills which we use in all our production, whether it’s writing scripts that we know audiences will connect with, or knowing how to deliver livestream content that people will enjoy.

We use this insight in everything we do, putting the audience at the heart of our creative process. We believe in clear, simple content delivered to the highest quality. 

our work

We make content for brands and businesses. 

This work includes videos, animations, livestreams, virtual & hybrid events and podcasts.

Our clients range from small businesses to globally-recognised brand names, each with their own specific requirements.

We tailor our process to every production and know exactly what is needed to deliver on time and on budget.

our TEAM

The core team have known each other for many years, so we are a well-oiled machine, with a huge amount of shared knowledge and experience.

Our MD, Des Paul is joined by Senior Producer, Dave Vitty, known to millions as ‘Comedy Dave’ from BBC Radio 1. Farrukh, Emily, Will and Al complete the team making it all happen.

We believe strongly in improving diversity in the media industry and Des is a mentor for ‘Media for All’, which is an organisation dedicated to creating more opportunity in this sector.


All our jobs vary in scale, however we apply the same standards to each one to make sure we get the best out of the budget and brief. All quotations are itemised to ensure value for money. We keep our processes clear and simple, so there are no surprises for the client.

Experience is invaluable and it means that we can discuss any concerns before production starts and we know exactly what needs to be put in place to deliver every job.