EFL ‘Together’

EFL ‘Together’ Film

To be used across social channels and at in-person events, we were asked to create a film for the EFL in conjunction with Fans for Diversity to unite football clubs across England. Highlighting the idea that we share more in common with people than we might initially think, the video features a diverse group of individuals answering a bunch of questions about themselves. With genuine reactions, at times emotional, it emphasised the fact that we share more common ground with others than we might initially think.

The brief

We received a brief from the English Football League (EFL) in collaboration with Fans for Diversity, with the aim of creating a video that would unite supporters from all 72 EFL clubs. Our concept was to highlight the powerful notion that football has the ability to bring people together, transcending backgrounds and team allegiances. We worked with the EFL and fan groups to get a real mix of people into the studio on the filming day only capturing real reactions to questions that they were unaware that they were going to be asked. Being so authentic, the end result was emotive and heart-warming. Despite its seemingly straightforward appearance, the production involved intricate work, including multiple camera angles, an overhead shot, and clever lighting techniques to minimise shadows and reflections within the space. We produced two versions of the film: a concise edit for social media use and a longer version intended for YouTube and in-person events.