Sorry, Not Sorry


‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ is branded podcast content produced for Galaxy chocolate and Verizon. The series is about making people think about how they can have more time for themselves in their busy lives, without feeling guilty about it. The guests are all people who are empowering themselves and others in what they do, and understand the importance of consciously making time for yourself. ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ is hosted by writer and presenter, Gemma Cairney.

Producer: Dave Vitty
Assistant Producer: Chris Russell

The brief

Working with our long-term client Verizon, we created the concept of a branded podcast series for Galaxy to tie-in with their above the line campaign. It needed to be targeted at a newer, younger female audience and have credibility for the brand. We devised the format, shortlisted and confirmed all the talent, and secured Gemma as the host, all through our extensive network of contacts and our partners at Talent Led. The series ended up on Apple’s new and noteworthy carousel and was a big hit.