F2 Freestylers

Check out the TVC we produced for Huawei featuring the incredible skills of the F2 Freestylers.


This is one of our favourite productions ever! The film follows the legendary F2 Freestylers as they make their way around Barcelona, using the city to show off their footballing skills, interrupting a game of beach soccer along the way, and finally ending up on a basketball court where Billy manages to land a hoop while chatting on the new Huawei phone! We made the film primarily as branded content for YouTube, but it was also shown in football stadiums across Europe to tie in with a wider Huawei sponsorship activation.

Producer: Des Paul
Director: Tom Paton
Photography: George Burt

The brief

The client brief was to produce an advert that could be played in stadiums where Huawei had active sponsorships, and could also be used in global markets as social media content. We knew that the creative had to work without dialogue or music as in stadiums the sound quality could be poor, and we wanted the audience to focus on the freestylers football tricks. Barcelona was chosen as the location due to the many different types of backdrops in one area and as a subtle nod to European top-flight football. Filming took place over two very hot days in the summer and Billy really did get the ball in the hoop while he was on the phone looking in the other direction, although it may not have been the first take!