Mastering Midlife

"Mastering Midlife" with Andrea McLean and Nick Feeney

Hosted by Andrea McLean. the celebrated Sunday Times Best Selling Author and former panellist of ITV's acclaimed talk show "Loose Women,", and her husband, Nick Feeney, "Mastering Midlife" is an unfiltered exploration of midlife. With 5 marriages, 4 children, 3 divorces, and 2 dogs, they are united by one joint effort - to master midlife and everything it throws at them.

The brief

Through relatable insights, heartfelt stories, and a shared journey towards mastery, the goal of "Mastering Midlife" was to offers a window into the transformative phase of life that many navigate but few openly discuss. With Andrea's candid revelations about personal struggles and Nick's unwavering support, the podcast delves into the challenging, emotional, frustrating, uplifting, and at times hilariously true experiences of navigating midlife as a blended family of six. Unique and engaging, we are thrilled to be working with Andrea and Nick on "Mastering Midlife".