"Some Say" with Ben Collins

Once only known for sporting a white suit and featuring as "The Stig" on the BBC's "Top Gear," Ben Collins has now emerged as the star of a podcast called "Some Say." In this podcast, he can finally have his say! For car and motorsport enthusiasts, it's a treasure trove of fascinating car stories. On the day of its release, it secured the top spot on the Apple Podcasts Chart for automotive podcasts in the UK.

The brief

"Some Say", a podcast tailored for motor racing and car aficionados, is hosted by none other than Ben Collins, formerly known as "The Stig" on the BBC's renowned show, "Top Gear." In each episode, Ben extends invitations to guests from various corners of the automotive industry to join him in sharing captivating car-related stories. In the inaugural episode, he had the pleasure of reuniting with two pivotal figures from "Top Gear": Richard Porter and Jim Wiseman. Excitingly, there are many more thrilling guests lined up for future episodes. For all you motorheads out there, this is a podcast that promises not to disappoint, and you definitely won't want to miss it.