The Wagon Podcast

Presented by actress Finty Williams and addiction therapist John McKeown, this podcast delves into the world of addiction. It features profoundly personal and honest accounts of individual journeys, showcasing stories of addiction and recovery. These narratives have garnered a highly engaged audience, with a significant percentage of listeners tuning in until the end of each episode.

The brief

The Wagon was born out of another medical podcast that The Content Works was producing, where we discovered that the topic of addiction was well-suited to a podcast format. Presented by actress Finty Williams and addictions therapist John McKeown, both of whom have experienced their own journeys through addiction, each episode shares a unique story about addiction. It explores what it means to be an addict, the treatment process, and the sensations associated with recovery. This podcast has been highly successful, boasting completion rates for each episode that are the highest of any podcast series The Content Works has ever produced.

A note from the client

This has enriched my existence. What a positive and healthy approach to life and therapy and supporting each other through tough times. I feel all the better for having listened but I now don't know what I'll do without it!

A Listener