Topps Tiles

Topps Tiles TV Commercial

Collaborating with Mood Media, the agency for Topps Tiles, we were entrusted with the creation of a national TV commercial. This brand awareness campaign incorporated real-life shots of Topps Tiles products, enhanced by subtle graphic overlays to introduce a layer of design to the visuals, and highlighted the numbers of stores around the UK to drive consumers to store.

The brief

Given a brief to incorporate actual shots of Topps Tiles products along with graphic overlays for aesthetic enhancement, we were assigned the creation of a National TV commercial. Initially, we constructed the set in the studio, which consisted of a montage of tiles and various props, including a globe and a tablet. The filming process demanded meticulous attention to lighting and choreography, particularly for the hand model, to ensure seamless camera tracking. To finalise the commercial, we integrated a couple of in-store shots from Topps Tiles' archive and included animated text and motion graphics.