We have unrivalled experience at every level of podcast production with our background in radio.

Podcast Production For ambitious brands & Businesses

Podcasts are growing fast. They’ve been around for years, but people are now really starting to consume them at scale.

We know how powerful audio content is from our heritage in radio and use this insight in all our podcasts. 

We have unrivalled experience at every level of podcast production and have several exciting series in production including the multi award-winning ‘Fuelling Around’, the official weekly podcast for the English Football League as well as several corporate comms podcast clients.

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FAQs About Our Podcast Production Services

With our experience and background in radio, here at The Content Works, we understand how to create high-quality, engaging audio content for brands and businesses. From ideation to post-production, our portfolio includes corporate communications podcasts and the multi-award winning “Fuelling Around”, Netmums Podcast and the official Football League podcast. 

With podcasts, businesses can share their knowledge, insights, and perspectives on relevant topics and even use them internally for training – and as a bonus, they are also very cost effective. Read on to discover some tips and guidance to consider ensuring you create the perfect podcast for your company:

In two simple words: experience and quality. At The Content Works, with our years in radio and podcast production both speaking into the microphone and on the production side, we have an innate comprehension of audiences and how to capture their attention. Our understanding of what resonates and what falls flat, sets us apart. We also use the latest techniques and technologies to create high-quality, audio content.

Read this blog as explore the comparison between video podcasts and audio podcasts, looking at the advantages and considerations of each format.

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A question that gets posed by our customers all the time is: how do you measure this value? How do you measure return on investment (ROI) when it comes to podcasts? In this blog post, we will explore key metrics for measuring this and the potential ways to generate income on your podcast too.

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From Idea to Launching a podcast

Are you a business or brand eager to dive into the world of podcasting but unsure where to begin? The Content Works is here to guide you through the journey from concept to launch. Here’s how we go about it:

1. Plan the Premise of Your Podcast

Embarking on a successful podcast starts with meticulous planning. We kick off by understanding your podcast's objectives, identifying your target audience, and conducting comprehensive research on listening habits and competitor landscapes.

2. Determine the Content

With a clear understanding of your goals, we can then shape the content of your podcast. This involves deciding on the host, planning potential guests, and outlining the topics that will resonate with the audience and align with brand objectives.

3. Podcast Recording

Once everything has been planned perfectly, it's time to get recording. Whether it's in a professional studio setting, on-site at your location, or remotely, there are various options.

4. Editing and Launch

After the recording phase, our team of specialist editors will work on your podcast, ensuring seamless audio quality. With meticulous attention to detail, we prepare your podcast for its grand debut.

Why Choose The Content Works For Your Podcast?

In two simple words: experience and quality. With our extensive background in radio and podcast production, both behind the microphone and in the production booth, we possess an innate understanding of audiences and how to capture their attention. Our commitment to delivering high-quality audio content, coupled with the latest techniques and technologies, sets us apart as your trusted partner in podcasting success.


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