Video To Highlight The NHS 111 Service

This video was created to promote the NHS 111 service and explain the importance of using this number for non-emergency medical concerns rather than 999. With ITV and NHS Hampshire, we did this by creating an engaging commercial. In contrast to the conventional seriousness often linked with healthcare advertisements, we produced a video that adopted a light-hearted and enjoyable tone. This commercial was shot entirely within a studio setting, all accomplished within the span of a single day, with the incorporation of a few visual effects (VFX) to enhance the animated sequences.

The brief

Working with ITV and NHS Hampshire we were briefed with a critical healthcare communication challenge – encouraging the public to use the NHS 111 service for non-emergency medical issues rather than dialling 999. In terms of the tone and feel, we were given clear instruction: to create an advertisement that not only educates but also entertains, steering away from the conventional sombre approach often seen in healthcare messaging.

A note from the client

The brief was to produce a television advert for a major campaign that the NHS were running in Hampshire. We wanted a concept that would make a potentially unengaging message more interesting to the public. The work that the team did to produce our advert was fantastic. Throughout the whole experience they were keen to understand the emotions of the audience and continually tested out different ideas which, when combined with their creative expertise, produced a fantastic advert that we’re delighted with.