Nike Swim Apparel


‘Flow Free’ is a beautifully crafted film that mixes the real words of somebody who loves swimming with ethereal visuals of them in and out of the water. The words that Jess says tell us exactly why swimming is so important to her and how precise every move is in the water. She explains that we are all busy in our lives, but being in the water gives her a chance to escape and just fly. We made individual edits rather than recuts for each social media platform, to really optimise the video content for the audience and also supplied separate stills

Producer: Ben Jones
Director: Leigh Brooks
Photography: Anthony Dias
Sound: Pete Rolls

The brief

We worked with our friends at Craft Media on the Nike Swim brief to create branded content primarily for use on social channels for the forthcoming apparel collection. The film needed to feel real, emotive and to focus on a swimmer’s emotional relationship with the water. We worked through a number of treatment options before settling on this one from one of our long-term directors, Leigh Brooks. The film was shot over two days on location at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre and the surrounding areas.