Portals Paper


Portals Paper have been making banknote and security paper for over 300 years. For this brand film, we had unprecedented access to their mill to produce this ‘inside the factory’ style look at how they make this very specialist product. The film explains how they turn cotton pulp into banknote paper and how key features such as watermarks are created. This film has been used as both a brand film for Portals and an investment film for their private equity owners.

Producer/Director: Will Kinder
Photography: David McDowall

The brief

The brief was to create a film that was an overview of the business, rather than focusing on the investment itself. We needed to present the business in a clear, engaging way and decided to produce the content in the style of an observational documentary. The secure nature of the location meant we had to recce everything fully ahead of our filming, to plan all our scenes and schedule, in order to get everything we needed in a one-day shoot.