Sustainability in Production

By focusing on strategies such as reducing waste, reusing materials, recycling props, and using energy-efficient sets, you can create outstanding content while reducing environmental impact. Here’s some ideas to integrate sustainability throughout the production process:


One effective way to enhance sustainability is by reconsidering the props used. Minimise the use of disposable and single-use props by opting for versatile items that can be utilised across multiple productions.

Energy-Efficient Sets

Making environmentally-friendly choices during lighting and set construction involves some simple decisions in the “green” direction. LED lights are highly efficient, consuming less energy and having a longer lifespan. Also, consider using timers and motion sensors ensures lights and equipment are only active when necessary. All these small changes help!


Livestreaming events and content eliminates the need for all participants to travel to a physical location, thereby reducing carbon emissions. Not only does this approach support sustainability efforts, but it also expands audience reach significantly.

Remote Collaboration

While face-to-face interactions have their merits, remote collaboration is often just as effective and environmentally sensible. It minimises unnecessary travel, reduces costs, and supports sustainability efforts where feasible. Whether this be collaborating post production, recording podcasts or having meetings, it good to consider if this needs to be done in person.


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