Video Podcasting: Why It’s No Longer a Question of ‘If’ But ‘When’

A trend is emerging: video podcasting and this shift towards video is transforming the podcasting industry, and at The Content Works, we believe that incorporating video into your podcast strategy is no longer optional—it’s essential. Why? Read on!

The Shift to Video: Why Now?

Driven by its proliferation across social media and streaming platforms, audience preferences have simply begun shifting towards video content.

Platforms like YouTube and Spotify have recognised this trend and adapted accordingly. YouTube has become a popular destination for podcast viewers, with many podcasts having dedicated channels. Spotify, traditionally an audio-first platform, has also introduced video podcasts to meet growing demand.

The Benefits of Video Podcasting

  1. Enhanced Engagement: Video adds a visual layer to your content, making it more engaging. Facial expressions, body language, and visual aids can enhance the storytelling experience, keeping your audience hooked.

  2. Wider Reach: Offering both audio and video versions of your podcast caters to a broader audience. Some people prefer listening during their commute, while others might enjoy viewing via a video – it gives the option for both.

  3. SEO Benefits: Video content is highly favoured by search engines. Posting your podcast on YouTube and optimising it for SEO can drive more traffic to your content.

  4. Social Media Snippets: Video footage can be repurposed as snippets on LinkedIn and Facebook. These platforms favour video content, making it more likely to engage users and expand your reach.

Audio-Only Podcasts – Should they still be considered?

Offering unmatched convenience for on-the-go listening and are less resource-intensive to produce, audio-only podcasts may still be favoured by some. However, at The Content Works, we believe that unless there is a compelling reason to stick with audio only, creating a video podcast is always worth it. The potential for better reach and enhanced engagement is simply too significant to overlook. Yes, it is more effort and more costly, but we still think overwhelmingly worth it.

The rise of video podcasting is a trend that cannot be ignored. By embracing this format, you not only meet the evolving preferences of your audience but also unlock new opportunities for engagement and growth. 

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