Video Podcasts vs. Audio Podcasts: Choosing the Right Format for Your Brand

Podcasting has experienced an explosive surge in popularity in recent years, continuing its upward trajectory without any signs of slowing down. As more and more people turn to podcasts as a preferred media channel, businesses and brands have begun to understand the potential this channel has. Read on as we explore the comparison between video podcasts and audio podcasts, looking at the advantages and considerations of each format.

Advantages of Video Podcasts:

Video podcasts offer an array of advantages. With the strongest being the ability to enhance engagement with the addition of visual elements. From being able to witness facial expressions and show or on-location footage, video podcasts can capture a deeper level of the viewers attention. Furthermore, video podcasts present excellent branding opportunities. Through the integration of logos and graphics – creating more cohesion across all media channels.

Considerations for Video Podcasts:

One consideration is the production requirements – typically there will be additional equipment and resources compared to audio-only podcasts. Cameras, lighting setups, and editing software may be necessary to ensure a polished final product which is more costly and time consuming. Another aspect to consider is accessibility – with many podcast listeners preferring the convenience of audio-only content, which can be consumed much more easily and does not require you to be sat watching a screen. Therefore, a video podcast could limit your audience.

Advantages of Audio Podcasts:

With their worldwide popularity soaring, there are many advantages of audio podcasts. First to mention is the convenience and portability they offer. Listeners can enjoy audio podcasts while multitasking or on the go. Not only easy to tune in, they are also widely accessible and can also be accessed through various platforms and devices. This flexibility allows for both a broad reach and increased listening time. Finally, podcasting is a relatively cost effective method of production with very little equipment required.

Considerations for Audio Podcasts:

The lack of a visual element can pose a challenge when conveying certain information or demonstrating concepts. Hosts must rely solely on language and tone to engage their listeners and ensure they understand. Unlike video podcasts, audio-only formats can prove more of a challenge when trying to portray your brand identity. There are ways to do this which include keeping the tone on brand and perhaps adding audio sounds which listeners will then learn to resonate with your business. 

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