Our 2024 Trend Predictions

In the ever-evolving landscape of content creation, we believe innovations will continue in 2024 that will reshape the way we engage with audiences and produce content. Here’s a few trends which are on our trend prediction list:

Podcasts – Video or Audio

The podcast scene is changing rapidly, blurring the boundaries between traditional audio storytelling and video content. Google Podcasts shutting down and YouTube bringing podcasts into its music realm have put the spotlight on merging video with audio content.

Video podcasts are becoming increasingly popular for reaching wider audiences, but audio holds its ground, especially in corporate communications. It’s cost-effective, draws better engagement, and remains adaptable enough to shift seamlessly into video formats when necessary.

The Rise of AI – Here To Stay

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t just a fad; it’s changing how we do everything, including creating content. AI tools are already shaking up how we edit and produce content.

Think about it: making content for global audiences is easier now with AI making subtitles and translating voices seamlessly. Plus, AI lets us create custom visuals without shelling out for expensive stock images. As this tech keeps growing fast, we’re excited to use it more in our work.

Robotic Camera Solutions

Advanced Robotic Camera Solutions, especially PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras, are changing how we capture content. These cameras work well in network-based setups, recording various content like interviews and live events at a low cost.

What’s special about these cameras is they need less human interaction to help to set up and run. They’re less obtrusive than manned cameras and, when paired with networked control systems, can record non-stop for long periods. They even help with editing in real-time, making them perfect for live events.

Stay tuned for more insights as we explore these trends, opening up new possibilities in digital content creation.

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