Dion’s Gaffer Tapes

Dion’s Gaffer Tapes Podcast

Hosted by the well-respected National Treasure that is Dion Dublin, this podcast takes him back to his former footballing days before he swapped his footy boots for his steel-capped boots as a presenter on "Homes Under The Hammer." Reuniting with some of his old "gaffers," he delves into a range of different perspectives on what it's really like to be a football manager.

The brief

The idea of Dion's Gaffer Tapes came into fruition on one of the long Friday Zoom social meet-ups that we all remember during lockdown days between Des Paul and Dion Dublin, who happen to be good friends. The concept was simple yet perfect: the podcast would feature Dion engaging in conversations with his former 'gaffers,' offering a unique perspective on what it's really like to be a football manager. Given Dion's status as an ex-player, and a highly respected one at that, we correctly surmised that the guests would be more willing to open up, knowing that Dion could truly understand their experiences, having been in the game himself.

A note from the client

I've always liked Dion, he's a real character and a good sense of humour. Nice and relaxing conversation with his old gaffers and friends. Great insight from people on their playing days and the fun they all had. True stories straight from the horses mouth as well. Particularly liked the Gordon Straction one, as Gordon is retired he feels no need to hold back, great character.