EFL & Carabao: League Cup Animation

EFL & Carabao: League Cup Animation

In honour of a ground-breaking 10-year partnership between the English Football League (EFL) and Carabao, we embarked on a thrilling project that not only commemorated the commercial achievements of this collaboration but also celebrated the magic of the League Cup. This venture, brimming with 'wow' moments, captures the essence of the last six Cup Finals in all their glory.

The brief

The objectives were clear - celebrate the commercial success of the EFL and Carabao partnership for the League Cup, by highlighting the unforgettable moments from the last six Cup Finals.

We will crafted a 45-60 second montage clip that weaved together footage, still images, and on-screen text, showcasing the key moments and figures from the last six Cup Finals. And to capture attention, we presented these moments in a 'comic book' style animation. The "Heroes of the Carabao Cup" bringing these characters to life, akin to a Marvel comic, to infuse a dynamic feel to the content.

Content was delivered in both 16x9 and 1x1 formats to cater to various social media platforms, ensuring maximum reach and engagement and had versions created in both Thai (Carabao's home market) and English.